“The world is full of evil that’s easy to reach out and grab. It’s everywhere. Just like those bad men we pounded this week.” El Tigre looked up. “Then there is another evil. Evil that is otherworldly. It infects this world.”

In 1970s Mexico, El Tigre Azul (The Blue Tiger) is a luchador enmascarado—a Mexican masked wrestler who fights in the ring for a living. But outside the ring, he battles evil: human evil in the form of criminals and thugs; and supernatural evil in the form of monsters and unnatural creatures. From a giant fighting rooster and a 300-year-old dead-and-reanimated witch in love with a 400-year-old bridge, to a bomb-building anti-establishment cult and a strange elemental being that predates the earliest Mesoamerican civilizations, El Tigre battles strange and classic terrors with fortitude and brawn.

A warrior with no home, El Tigre travels across Mexico, to Paris, and back through time to battle evil wherever it throws its shadow! EL TIGRE AZUL will entertain luchador fans, cinephiles who love the 1960s and 1970s films of monster-fighting El Santo, and readers of weird fiction. Take a ringside seat for thrills and pulp-style action! — All Print and Ebook Order Options