In the years between the end of the Civil War and the dawn of the 20th century, when much of the American West was still a frontier and word-of-mouth was the primary conduit for information from one territory to the next, the line between fact and legend was hazy at best. Stories of bigger-than-life figures emerged and traveled quickly, spreading across the plains like wildfire and cutting through desert country like a hot wind.

Their names were only whispered around campfires or in smoky saloons, but their reputations were nearly as powerful as the weapons on their belts. Some were soldiers and lawmen, others gamblers and thieves. Still others defied description completely, but all were rugged and resourceful men and women, fast on a horse and even faster on the draw, working inside or outside the law – and often exploring the wide-open spaces in between.

SIX-GUN LEGENDS returns to those thrilling days of yesteryear with stories by ten talented writers: Fred Adams, Terry Alexander, Jim Beard, John C. Bruening, Trevor Holliday, Jeffrey J. Mariotte, Terrence McCauley, Will Murray, Christopher Ryan and Duane Spurlock. Each of these storytellers spins a tale of the mystery, mayhem, intrigue, and adventure that inevitably unfold when one of these legendary entities steps out of the collective imagination and into the spotlight with guns blazing.

Saddle up and take a ride into the past – but be ready to make a fast draw at any moment along the way. Sooner or later, this trail will bring you face to face with the SIX-GUN LEGENDS of the Old West.

Published by FLINCH! Books. Contains Duane’s story, “An Affair of Honor.” All print and ebook order options.