“How’s that feel? Helping strangers—aliens—come in and make slaves of everyone you know? Family. Friends. People across the country, in other parts of the world you’ve never met? Old men, old ladies. Children. Reading comic books one day, dead or picking away in an ore mine on some GrassoGolandoGoro moon the next.”

The 1950s: Private eyes. Jazz. Juvenile delinquents. Scandalous crime and horror comics. UFO sightings.

Space Detective: He’s mysterious. He’s cool. Who is he? WHAT is he? He works and lives in New Angouleme—the New York City of his world, which is recovering from a war neither side could win. But now the Detective encounters clues suggesting a new invasion is approaching. How does he recruit allies in this new war without revealing his own connection to the aliens who are on their way? — All Print and Ebook Order Options